About me

Hello everyone 🇬🇧

Bonjour à tous 🇫🇷

こんにちは 🇯🇵

My name’s Sonthé /sɔ̃te/ who loves learning languages, viz. English, French, as well as Japanese, along with these sign languages, and aims to be a polyglot.

I would like to add more languages in my brain and broaden my world.

I attended two English language schools on a Student Visitor Visa and an Extended Student Visitor Visa respectively. Then, I completed a foundation course at a college on a Tier 4 (General) student visa. I graduated from one of the constituent colleges of the federal University of London on my 2nd Tier 4 (General) student visa. All of my education apart from Japan was in the heart of London.

After graduation, I started my professional career in London.

This website, Salon de thé /salɔ̃ də te/ is a place where I write whatever comes up in my mind, for instance but not limited to, my life in London and useful tips for international university students, e.g. my personal academic journey, student visas, technology and so forth.

Feel free to comment and share posts, if you like this website and find it useful. I really appreciate your contributions.